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Need Airfare? Miracle Flights for Kids Can Help

April 25, 2017
Miracle Flights for Kids has run an outreach program for families of sick children who need to access medical care that may not be a short car ride away. Over the course of their 30-plus years of existence, they have seen to it that thousands of sick kids are not prevented from receiving the care they need because their families don’t have enough money for a plane ticket. That’s a lot of help for a lot of people. That may sound like a simple mission, but there is a reason that many of the families who have benefitted from their help refer to the volunteers who work for the organization as “Miracle Makers.” They are a godsend for families who are just trying to help their child get better and to make ends meet.

There is a screaming need for this type of thing. As many as 30 million Americans – that is 10 percent of the population – have been hit by a rare disease that either shortens or alters their life in some way. The sad part is, about half of that number are kids and many of them won’t live to their fifth birthday.

Parents of such children will so anythin to help their child get better, but they don’t always have the means. At times, the treatment they need is hundreds or thousands of miles away and their budget doesn’t allow them to pay for airfare. In operation since 1985, Miracle Flights for Kids has grown to be among the best nonprofit health and welfare flight organization in the country. Over the course of more than 30 years, these “Miracle Makers” have made it possible for many children to get the help they need and to help families find a greater peace of mind at a time which is among the most difficult that any parent will ever have to face.