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Miracle Flights For Kids

6396 McLeod Dr
Las Vegas NV 89120 United States
(702) 261-0494

People and Perez

January 29, 2016
Miracle Flights for Kids is an organization that has grown exponentially since its founding more than three decades ago. With thirty years of experience, they have continued to improve their operations, refining their system to optimize it in order to be able to help more and more children. Miracle Flights for Kids was founded by Ann McGee and at first it was mostly her doing the hustling to get things done. Now, many years later, there is a full staff to handle operations and a network of thousands of volunteers to help with every phase of their projects.

Miracle Flights for Kids is the United States' leading medical flights organization, providing free commercial flights to children who are suffering from serious medical issues and seeking out of state care or treatment. From time to time, this organization has attracted attention, such as being linked by the popular gossip blog or getting an article in People Magazine. In that People article, it noted that the staff of Miracle Flights for Kids spent their time scouring cheap-ticket websites and soliciting donate seats from airlines. They rely mostly on foundation grants and individual donations to fund their operations, which supply thousands of health and welfare flights each year. In 2015 alone, more than 6,800 medical flights were provided to families and children all over the country, completely free of charge.